Create a Pasta

Choose a Sauce



Romano cheese & Black Pepper cream sauce and topped with Parsley.


Garlic & Oil

Roasted Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and topped with Parsley.


Classic Tomato Sauce

(House Gravy)

House recipe made with 7/11 Tomatoes (historically designed for immigrant pizza makers
from Southern Italy) and select Herbs. There’s more, but we aren’t telling ya!

Add Sauteed ground beef with herbs or Porcini Mushrooms!  


Marinated Clams, Clam Stock, Garlic, herbs, crushed Red Pepper.

Served White or Red.


Butter Sauce

Creamy melted unsalted butter.


Choose a Pasta


Angel Hair / Linguini / Fettuccine / Ziti / Ravioli  


Choose Your Toppings


Add a Protein

  Chicken / Shrimp / Meatball / Sausage / Bacon      



       Spinach / Eggplant / Artichoke / Fresh Basil / Sun dried Tomato / Mushrooms / Onions / Tomato / Fresh Garlic / Red or Green Peppers / Toasted Breadcrumbs